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KrazyAngel's Angels, Fairies and Backgrounds 2 GO!!


  I just want visitors to this site to know I did not make or design ANY of the images on display, nor am I claiming ownership in any way. I used to spend hours
searching for pretty images to design my e-mails with. 

To say the least it took hours just to maybe find one or two images I liked. so I had a bright idea, I'd make a site of my favorite images, and share it with others, sparing them the needless hours I had to spend finding them.

I picked EACH and EVERY image up from free graphics sites. I so I offer them to you free. If I am wrong about an image, and you are the owner of one, and can prove this (hassle free I promise)  and would like proper acknowledgement please e-mail. 

I'd be honored to tell the world your the one who made that image(s). Or if your the up tight typed and want it removed. I'll do that as well.

Thank you for visting this site. I have never made a cent on my work though it's not that great. My payment is and has always been your beautiful letters I get about this site.

May God Bless you and yours,

And please enjoy and return to:
Angels, Fairies, & BG'S 2 GO!